On Balance

Balance is something I have both consciously and unconsciously sought after for many years. I have struggled many times (often unconsciously) to have the perfect arrangement of time and activities, only to see those plans naturally dispelled by this curious reality we call life.
This pursuit lasted until I was about 33 years old, when I had the good fortune to meet a wise sage in the back streets of Thamel in Nepal who said something to me that has stuck ever since.
Energetically, the concept of balance goes against the laws of nature; meaning a state where all things are equal ( or as equal as you want them to be). We live in a world that is cyclical in nature, seasons, days, weather patterns. Imagine if it all just stopped just for you..
In fact, the “balance” aspect of all phenomena may reside in the reality of this constantly changing world, ever transforming, dispelling, dissolving, creating. It is in this divine union of elements that we find ourselves as often as actors, at other times often feeling acted upon by the very forces that revolve around us.
Balance, in my own limited experience, is really about your own personal reactions to changes in the environment around you, and whether you accept them/work with them or not. Any static realities that I have sought for inevitably ended up in disappointment or dissatisfaction.
Balance is…riding the wave.

2 responses to “On Balance

  1. Yes. As Einstein observed, Life ls like riding a bicycle – in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving. But then I recall a quote from the 16th Karmapa, “Nothing happens.” So, perhaps, when skillfully riding the perfect wave, with correct view, we maintain our balance, and nothing happens.

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